What colors should bridesmaids and groomsmen wear?

Everyone knows what color the bride wears for her wedding-white.

That’s a given – because that color represents purity and freshness and a new beginning and it is supposed to represent virginity is well. And men are supposed to wear a nice suit. Color isn’t as important. But that leaves a lot of leeway for what your bridesmaids and groomsmen should wear. A lot of brides to be are interested in what colors are in fashion. So we’ve decided to take the guesswork out of what is fashionable for your bridesmaids and make it super simple for you.

Colors for bridesmaids

Bridesmaids in colorful dresses with bouquets of flowers
Bridesmaids in colorful dresses- bigstock credit

Colors for your bridesmaids will depend on the season. A wedding in the winter is going to want more warm colors such as brown, orange or purple. Take the same people in the same wedding, and switch it to spring, summer or fall and your’e going to want cooler colors such as grey, beige or lighter brown, evnen some light pinks as well.

It all depends on your personal taste too. For example, a friend of mine, Shelly, who works a solar company in the Central Valley (her bio info is located at bestsolarcompaniesinfresno.com/) picked orange for the color of her wedding party, and therefore the guys had orange ties to go with beige suits. It was a lighter color of orange, so it didn’t stick out like a construction worker. It was very classy to say the least.

Colors for groomsmen

Again, so much of this depends on your personal preferences. You could have one couple prefer darker colors that are more plain and boring, or you could have a more flamboyant couple who prefers more flavor, and spice it up a lot. Usually you can tell when a couple is artsy and cool because they’ll have some pretty cool colors going on in their wedding party. (more…)

Picking the best shoes for your wedding

One of the most overlooked factors very important factors for getting dressed up for your wedding is your shoes. For guys it doesn’t matter so much but mostly all eyes are on the girl and people are, whether it be subconscious or not, every aspect of the bride on her wedding day.

They’re looking at her hair, makeup, her dress, her physical appearance and weight, and last but not least , Her shoes.

Wedding Shoes
Wedding Shoes

They’re all kinds of different options that you can wear, and some people even choose to go barefoot. Those that are in the more natural community and some missionary take people and warm areas of the country choose this for poverty sick but also for fashion to show that they don’t even need to wear shoes feel or look beautiful. So, some of the options you have are starting with the least formal, like we said, going barefoot. Yes, this might be the most comfortable, but it’s probably the least formal option. A lot of people’s grandparents parents generation would never stand why someone would want to go barefoot on a such important day. The next option you have is to wear some kind of sandal more song. The events twos of wearing sandals, especially in places where it’s hot like the East Coast, the south, and the Midwest, is that you’re going to feel a lot cooler because body heat is let out out of your feet.

And you’ll be very comfortable as well.

And you can find some pretty decent sandals to wear on your wedding (here’s our link to some David Bridal on Amazon.com ) but the fact that they are not closed so my turn people off but if you don’t care but who cares! Again, these are less formal then close toed shoes but if you are basing everything off of comfort and functionality then maybe this isn’t such a bad way to go. The next way is to go with me close to two. Going with a closed toed shoe can still be comfortable if it’s a slip on type shoe, you don’t have to sacrifice function or back pain as if you are wearing high heels. So you can do what you think is right, but don’t let anyone judge you for what you’re going to wear. But even more importantly, don’t mess up your health for some stupid shoes or fashion statement. You’re always beautiful no matter what, and you’re shoes or lack thereof can only accentuate that!

Tips to lose weight before the big wedding day

Everyone wants to lose weight before the wedding, right?

Women especially want to look great on their very special day.

You’ll hear about women doing crash diets and everything imaginable look good in front of friends and they haven’t seen in a while.

And why is that?

Only God will know why.

He created woman to have the need to feel beautiful all the time. And to feel loved and cherished. But life sometimes hits you in the face and you can’t control your weight. So your weight gets away from you and all the sudden turn into somebody that you dont want to be very very quickly.

So we wanted to give you some fashion place here but also to give you some practical tips to help you prepare for your wedding day.

wedding weight loss tips

One of the first things you can do to lose weight relatively quickly is detoxify your system. Mark Hyman has a a few incredible books on this, and you can check his site out at www.DrHyman.com And that means get rid of white sugar, white fat, and white demons such as flour and rice. And if you avoid those things excessive so you’ll probably drop a few pounds in a couple days. Another thing you can do is hide especially Tabata protocol which basically means to go as hard as you can for 20 seconds to rest for 10, and then you go hard in for 24 times through, which you’ll see in the video below!


Another thing that will help you is getting proper sleep.

Deep sleep is an absolute gem. It is so underappreciated and overlooked but if you aren’t getting good, deep, quality sleep it’s very difficult for your hormones to balance and your wait will always be off as a result. Or I should say your wait will be higher as a result because the master hormone, leptin is the mass regulator and if it’s a balance all the other hormones including the one regulate your appetite. So make sure you get good quality sleep each and every night living up to the big day. There was a study that linked chronically deprivation to wait game and you can find that article right here. I guess it’s pretty interesting because it wouldn’t really think it’s Labor Day weekend. And of course if you’re getting wait, you’re not going to be feeling great or looking great for your wedding. And although this website about mostly fashion, we always try to offer you that much quality content on everything related to your wedding while focusing on fashion we also focus on other aspects of the big day as well.


Finally, we have exercise, but I’ll leave this to the experts to tell you what kind of exercise you should be doing.

Hope this helps and may you be your best on your beautiful day!

How Should I do my hair?

One of the biggest questions that brides ask on their wedding day is how they do their hair done?

hair bride 1

There are a bunch of wedding blogs out there and there are bunch of hair specific blogs, but one of our favorite hairstylist is guy Tang hanging by far.

Guy has an awesome YouTube channel in which he shares some of the quality work that he’s done. And you can do some of that to your hair if you know what you’re doing. So some of the options that you have and this is becoming more and more popular is to wear a different color in your hair.

Pick Ya color

I’m talking highlighted in pink, highlighted blue, or highlighted rainbow. And you would be surprise from people one from the conventional lawn black, blonde, or brown with highlights into actual different colored psychedelic shades. And there’s nothing wrong with that, it’s just a little bit unconventional. (more…)

Wedding Attire for Men

Even though this is mostly a blog about women and wedding dresses, sometimes we will be writing on men’s fashion advice for weddings.

So what should men be wearing these days guards to their wedding attire?

Well, definitely a three-piece suit still in fashion.

Three piece suit's are still good to go!
Three piece suit’s are still good to go!

It depends on what time of the year so. Summer wedding attire be a little bit different in Winter Springs. Obviously you want nice cool colors in the summertime session beige yellow. And in the winter time you want dark solid color such as navy blue or even a black tuxedo these days will work. And obviously you want something it’s going to match the bride.

Obviously you’re not gonna wear white, but you might wear white tie, kind of like my husband or for his wedding. A three-piece suit like you said earlier can’t work if you have a good matching set. You can get those for pretty cheap from somewhere like men’s warehouse and or even cheaper for at Sears for pretty cheap. But definitely some of the colors that are in are black, blue, navy blue, and actually orange if you can believe it, as well as pink even, even some shades of yellow, brown, and pinstripe are all acceptable this day and age probably you probably the most favorite color of ours is fuchsia.


It’s your choice

It just looks so beautiful on men and women are like that it’s probably our number one recommendation and the number one most popular color for men’s wedding attire in 2016. Obviously long pants are pretty much the standard of been given, I don’t think we wearing shorts to your wedding if you’ve never been married before or have never been away. Most people are going to be dressed in a suit, and you’re going to want to make sure that you are the most dressed up at all then. Because I mean after all it is your day. So basically man, you can’t go wrong if you just let your wife. Let her pick out all the sellers let her do all the planning, and she won’t get mad you are turned into a bridezilla on your ass mama all. It’s lights out if your wife starts getting pissed off about what colors she feels like you’re threatening her domain. So it’s okay to just listen to your wives as far as fashion your wedding day!

How to get a modest wedding dress (and coming posts!)

This is the number one blog about wedding dress ups!

And what’s crazy is that modesty is making a comeback. After decades and decades of girls showing too much cleavage, showing half of their butt hanging out on their wedding day, what actually coming fashionable is not showing your body and not dressing like a whore , Ho, Scally wagon and a trick who looks like a prostitute.

Who would’ve thought that wedding I’ve gotten so out of control that girl could want to dress like that? Now I’m more sensible and logical road for weddings and wedding attire for the ladies has come back to logic, for reason, and to good common sense. Because it is reasonable and rational to dress with the goody. And that’s what I want to do it on this blog ladies understand and know that they are beautiful no matter what, and if I don’t have to dress like a hoe on their wedding day and show their breath off everybody because that’s just disgusting lowered your dignity. So regardless of whether not you have a little bit of a budget them, or big-budget go deathly be inspired by some of the ideas of philosophy is here. For starters, I wanted to share with my audience some money saving tips about making your own wedding dress, as seen above.

Now isn’t that just an awesome idea? Some of those ideas were just fantastic! I personally were very modest dress from my wedding and everybody I know I dress very decent. And that’s the thing, is dressing decently. I mean, when you go out in public and you are in decent, you get charged with a crime, misdemeanor, of indecent exposure her. So those laws are set in place for a reason and hopefully will have enough sense to maintain those laws protect mostly men and children because men are more visual he stimulated then women are. And that’s another reason why women to dress decently not just on the wedding day but overall.

So I’ll be sharing with you on this blog many tips and tricks about how to dress nicely and modestly on your wedding day to celebrate your marriage, and to save money. Because one of the worst things are starting off your marriage on the wrong financial foot because you have it that the babe for the wedding. It’s totally insane how crazy I want to become but we can bring some cents back to it in the small corner of the world, and the wedding celebration in ceremony is one of the glass through rights of initiation culturally that America have. So we can bring some back for that I’m sure we can restore something from people.